Why we do what we do

Being part of a ministry requires work and sacrifice. We have to spend hours at the recording studio, stay up late for concert rehearsals, or give up rest days to attend an activity. Despite the hardships, the rewards we receive for sharing our time and talents are priceless. The blessings, the music and the friendship make it all worthwhile.

Our work

Hangad began as a liturgical choir, and we have been blessed with many opportunities to continue this service; Masses and weddings are, in fact, our most regular activities. Aside from these activities, events and apostolates, we also have a number of recordings under the Jesuit Music Ministry. Songbooks and videos have also been produced.

An online ministry presents even more avenues for service. We've created discussion forums to entertain all your questions about our ministry. In the future, this site will also feature an instructional section to provide material to help choirs develop their skills and learn the songs from our albums.

Musical Influences

Integrity Music's Acapella and Acapella Praise, First Call's An Evening in December series, and the recordings of Bukas Palad have been notable influences. Various choral, gospel and jazz music, as well as songs from Broadway musicals, have also found their way into our repertoire. More contemporary inspirations include Gary Valenciano, Take 6, Luther Vandross and Mary Mary.

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