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Let Me Be Your Stillness

Music, lyrics & arrangement: Paulo K. Tirol
Cello: Renato Lucas

Let Me be your stillness.
Let Me calm the noise within.
Let Me let My peacefulness begin.
Rest for just a moment.
Call My name and see
That you will find your stillness in me.

You run so boldly after dreams,
You run t'wards happiness.
You run so fleetly from your dreams,
You run from loneliness.
Though you've run so far you realize
You're right where you began.
Be still, be still and take My hand.


So anxious over answers yet
Uncertain and unknown.
So troubled over failures,
Over wishes unbestown.
So troubled over countless things
You cannot even name.
Be still, My hand will ease your pain.


Yes, you will find your stillness in Me.