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In Your Own Way

Music, lyrics & arrangement: Paulo K Tirol
Solo: Lance Lazatin
Piano: Paulo K Tirol
Flute: Jay Gomez

Millions of prayers are lifted each day,
Millions of questions are asked.
For favors and futures
For healing and hope;
For trials and tests to pass.

And I wait and I wonder when answers will come,
Wonder if You've even heard.
Times that I find myself yielding to doubt,
I call to mind these words:

In Your own way, in Your own time,
In Your own wisdom, not in mine.
By Your love, by Your Holy will,
All pray'rs will be answered in Your own time.

I've had my moments of darkness, O Lord.
I've had my share of pain.
I've felt abandoned, unloved and alone
With no shelter from the rain.

Yet at times when I feel I'm about to give up,
Your love takes me by surprise.
In ways unexpected, Your goodness unfolds
Before my very eyes.


So I know that someday, somewhere, somehow,
You will reveal Your plan.
Give me the grace to surrender to You,
To trust Your loving hands!


All pray'rs will be answered in Your own time.