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How Good It Is To Give Thanks

Music, lyrics & arrangement: Rose Bina-Casquero & Elaine Ricafort
Based on Psalm 92
Solo: Clare Royandoyan
Piano: Rose Casquero
Guitars: Mark Casquero & Royd Andalis
Bass: Julius Lopez
Drums: Gabby Abes

How good it is to give thanks to You, Lord;
Sing in Your Honor, O God,
To proclaim Your constant love each day!
How good it is to give thanks to You, Lord!

(Repeat refrain)

Your mighty deeds, Lord, make me glad.
For what You have done, I sing for joy!


Your works are great, Your thoughts profound,
For You are exalted forever!


The righteous shall grow like a tree
Planted in Your house, O Lord.
They'll bear good fruit, and forever proclaim:
The Lord is upright; He is my rock.

(Refrain twice)