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Wonderfully Made

Music, lyrics & arrangement: Paulo K. Tirol
Solo: Mark Lopez SJ
Piano: Paulo K Tirol

I've seen ev'ry tear that you've cried.
The fears and the failures you struggle to hide.
The worthiness doubted beneath all that pride.
The visions and dreams left behind.

I know your remorse and regret.
The secrets and stories you ache to forget.
So many people you'd die to be yet

I choose you, I choose you.
Do you know why I choose you?
I choose you.

If only you could see yourself the way that I do,
And know yourself the way I know you
Then you'd love yourself
As somebody who is wonderfully made.
Wonderfully made are you.

How faultless you are in my eyes.
So gentle and guiltless, so perfect and prized.
There's so much to love that you don't realize,
My child, My beloved, My pride.

A future with so much in store,
A gift those around you are so grateful for.
Nothing can alter that forevermore.

I'd choose you, I'd choose you.
Do you know why I'd choose you?
I'd choose you.


Forever and ever I'd choose you.
Just as you are, I'd choose you.
Again and again, I would choose you.


Wonderfully made,
Wonderfully made,
Wonderfully made are you.