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Out Of The Night

Music by: Nicky Reyes
Lyrics by: Julius Guevara & Nicky Reyes
Soloist: Julius Guevara

Verse 1:
Sadness surrounds me
I don't know what to do.
The cold of the night around me
fills my heart with gloom.

I can’t seem to go on
I feel so all alone.

I cry out in silence, in pain
then Your love comes pouring like rain.

You are my reason, my joy, my happiness.
I live for You and now I feel truly blessed
Stay by my side
to blow away dark skies.
You're my light, hold my hand
walk with me....
out of the night.

Verse 2:
To live my life without You
is to live no life at all.
But when you’re right beside me
My troubles seem so small.
You take me by the hand
You make me smile again.

And You always will be my light,
Come forth and just let your love shine. (Refrain)

You are the fire that burns in my soul endlessly, Oh
You are my water my deepest desire that flows through the
depths of my heart. (Refrain)