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Children Of Light And Of The Morning

Music and lyrics by: Paulo K Tirol

Children of light and of the morning,
come shake off the darkness, cast off the night;
children of hope and of glory,
come lift up your voices, sing of His goodness!
Proclaim our salvation through Christ the Lord!

Verse 1:
Tears turn to joy, mourning turns to dancing,
laughter resounds on this day!
He has led us into light, redeemed us from the night,
cast darkness and sorrow away! (Refrain)

Verse 2:
Broken made whole, woundedness now healing;
mended, our lives begin anew.
Through the ransom that He paid, creation is remade:
a new world no sin can undo. (Refrain)

Verse 3:
Grateful this day, we proclaim the myst’ry:
gather, remember and relive:
share Christ’s body in the bread; in wine, the blood He shed;
and living our lives day by day, we witness to Him! (Refrain)

Come proclaim our salvation through Christ the Lord!