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The Easter Journey


Lent, Holy Week, and Easter have always been special to us because we have been singing at the Ateneo Holy Week Triduum every year since 1996. Our fourth album celebrates these season, the height of the liturgical year and the center of our faith, with reflections, prayers, and even a new set of contemporary-sounding Mass responses.

1.    The Easter Journey
2.    Children Of Light And Of The Morning
3.    Awit Ng Paghilom (new)  
4.    Glory To God
5.    Psalm 33
6.    Without Seeing You
7.    Gospel Acclamation & Alleluia
8.    Pieta (Oyayi Sa Paanan Ni Hesus)  
9.    Presentation Of The Gifts
10.    Love Untold
11.    Holy
12.    Memorial Acclamation
13.    Doxology & Great Amen
14.    The Lordís Prayer
15.    Acclamation To The Lordís Prayer
16.    Lamb Of God
17.    Here In This Place
18.    Out Of The Night
19.    Jagged Pieces
20.    Recessional Hymn
21.    Praise Be To God
22.    Send Your Spirit
23.    Queen Of Heaven, Rejoice

songbook-easter-journey  Songbook available at Tanging Yaman stores.