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Our Logo

Hangad’s graphic logo represents the group’s ministry. (Hangad Online was designed around the logo's visual characteristics.) It is composed of two elements: the logo symbol and the logo type.


The Logo Symbol

The eighth note implies activity and represents music—the medium of the ministry. Through music, the group communicates God’s Word, as well as the members' artistry, emotions and ideals. It is the passion for music that binds the members together.

The flame symbolizes a myriad of things. Though it primarily conveys our intense desire—the hangad—to know and love the Lord, it may also be interpreted as:

  • the Molder of music and people;
  • the Warmth that calls us from the cold;
  • the Light that guides us in our darkness and frailty; and
  • the Life that fuels the ministry.

In essence, the flame signifies the Holy Spirit—the "tongue of fire" that empowers us to bear witness and help others know God.

Only in darkness is the need for light most evident. The black rectangle symbolizes our frailty—our humanity—for we live in a sinful world. It is only through His comforting light that we can truly see. It is also our hope that we, too, become beacons by sharing His music.

The Logo Type

The stylized Verdana Italics logotype conveys openness, stability and reliability. The slant implies a constant forward movement. The use of lowercase and the text’s placement denotes humility and simplicity.